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Speedwrite alternatives
<span class="biomm">By</span> Marty Englander
By Marty Englander

6 Top Speedwrite Alternatives (Freebies As Well) 2022

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of products spoken about.

We have found the top speedwrite alternatives and written everything you need to know below.

Speedwrite is a tool that can help you rewrite your content. It has many different use cases, for example if you need to write multiple articles for the purpose of link building, you can use Speedwrite to generate several versions so your articles don’t get flagged as duplicates.

One of the problems people have when using Speedwrite is that sometimes it produces content that changes the meaning of the original text. This is an issue that I noticed myself when trying out Speedwrite – some of the results altered what I was trying to say.

Speedwrite is not as well-reviewed as some other options, making it difficult to know how good it really is. Furthermore, there is no free plan on Speedwrite, you can only try it out a few times for free before you need to sign up for a premium account.

Speedwrite also doesn’t have a Chrome or Google Docs extension, nor does it allow you to generate content from scratch. There doesn’t seem to be any way to upload documents, either; you have to copy and paste your articles.

There are many great Speedwrite alternatives out there, however. Regardless of why you wanted to use Speedwrite, check out these excellent alternatives instead.

Top Speedwrite Alternatives (Freebies Included)

1. Jasper

Jasper is a great alternative to Speedwrite, with a much better interface and many more features. It’s also free to use, with no need to sign up for a premium account.

Jasper also has a Chrome extension, which makes it easy to generate content from scratch. You can also upload documents directly to Jasper, making it very convenient to use.



Additionally, Jasper allows you to generate content from scratch, which can be very useful if you need to create content quickly.

Jasper is a perfect alternative to Speedwrite.

Jasper has several features that Speedwrite does not have or cannot do efficiently. For example, if the snippet generator breaks down and needs an artist for inspiration then artist scope will come in handy while some other scope may not be quite as helpful in this situation among others.

2. Rytr

Rytr is a great alternative to Speedwrite.

Content writing is a draining, time-consuming, and expensive process for experienced as well as amateur writers.

But what if, just like magic, there was a tool that can write for you?

Introducing Rytr — an AI writing assistant that helps you generate high-quality content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

Rytr’s mission is to help you save time and money while writing high-performing copies.

It can take hours to write just one page of content. With Rytr, you can get high-quality content written instantly. Out of 20+ supported use cases, simply choose your content type and preferred tone of voice to generate a creative, original copy that suits your needs.

Rytr is the go-to AI writing tool for hundreds of happy copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Rytr now, one of the coolest products of 2022!

PS: this copy was written using Rytr.


3. WordHero

WordHero is a great alternative to Speedwrite.

If you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or writer, you know how time-consuming and expensive content writing can be.

What if there’s an AI writing assistant that does the heavy-lifting for you?

Introducing WordHero — an AI writing tool that helps you write high quality blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, sales copy, product/SEO descriptions and more — in just a few clicks!

WordHero offers an entire suite of 50+ writing tools – with new ones added constantly!

You can also use WordHero for startup, marketing, content ideas, and even poetry and song lyrics!

WordHero is the must-have AI writing software in your toolkit!

Try WordHero now and get started instantly — this could either be the best lifetime deal you’ve ever purchased or the most heartbreaking deal you’ve ever missed.

4. GoCopy

GoCopy is a great alternative to Speedwrite.

Unless you’re a literal wizard, that marketing copy that’s been on your to-do list for a month isn’t going to write itself. (“Wingardium copy-osa?”)

How do you create quality content consistently when you’re busy doing all the things and you don’t have the budget to hire all-star copywriters?

Luckily, there’s a new AI-powered platform in town that’ll help you get the copy you need—quickly!

With GoCopy, writing just got a whole lot easier.

Unlock your very own AI-powered writing assistant to help you ideate and get your thoughts on paper (or on a Google Doc).

Simply choose a writing task and get access to proven marketing copy templates for every type of content you can dream up!

In addition to using the templates to write social media posts, digital ads, blog content, and website content, you can also use GoCopy to rewrite, summarize, and simplify text.

List of writing tasks

Choose one of the proven marketing copy templates to get started writing your content quickly.

Once you’ve selected the type of copy you want to write, you can input a topic to access a list of ideas generated in seconds.

Every time you run GoCopy, it will generate up to 10 ideas relevant to your topic, so you can pick which ideas you like best and run with ‘em.

Get started with your blog, ad, website page, or email by adding the content to the text editor and inserting it at the end of the copy or wherever you put your cursor.

Generated AI writing samples

Type in the topic you’d like to write about and get a list of ideas generated in seconds!

Highlight text in the editor using your keyboard or mouse and use the inline toolbar pop-up to choose from a list of AI commands—rewrite, expand, condense, instruct, or simplify.

Hit the expand button, and voila! You’ll get the next section of your content written in just seconds, faster than any copywriter (or even you) ever could.

You can finish your copy by continuing to expand the content using AI while adding your own ideas or tweaking the suggested content to your liking.

Expand AI content

Choose one of the AI commands to keep writing your content—rewrite, expand, condense, instruct, or simplify.

Need SEO copy in a hurry? Create long-form blog posts in minutes instead of hours using the blog generator.

All you have to do is input the title and content brief, choose the output length, and click the button. GoCopy will take care of the rest!

You’ll have total control over your experience, too—“like” your fave AI writing samples, check your previous version history, and adjust how many lines of copy you want generated.

Blog generator

Marketers, small business owners, and bloggers can use the blog content generator to create SEO content easily.

You wouldn’t use a Nokia Brick phone in 2021, so why should you keep your writing strategy stuck in the past? (“Who needs Instagram when I’ve got a high score in Snake?”)

GoCopy fills in the gaps of your current content marketing strategy and instantly generates content to improve engagement and SEO.

Step into the future and start creating quality content in seconds.


AISEO is a great alternative to Speedwrite.

Generating and optimizing blog posts is a time consuming process, and it takes a lot of effort to make it SEO friendly.

Let’s AI writing assistant create, optimize and rewrite content/blog posts for you, resulting in 10x more efficiency.’s writing assistant let you generate an SEO optimized blog post with a couple of clicks. The long form assistant generates a paragraph with just one click, which makes your workflow amazingly fast.’s assistant also improves the readability of your blog with one click according to hemmingway style.’s writing assistant let you also optimize, improve, rewrite and summarize blog posts all in one place.

6. WriteCream

WriteCream is a great alternative to Speedwrite.

Writecream, your secret weapon for cold emails & marketing!

Cold Emails? LinkedIn Sales? Backlinks? Blogs? Google Ads? Marketing Ideas? Angel Funding?

We’ve got you covered!

Writecream helps you automate your sales and marketing.

Your prospect receives 100s of emails daily & their brains have adapted to ignore them.

We’ve built Writecream to generate personalized, customized introductions that compel recipients to open, click, and respond.

We scan your prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile, gather the most important details, and write the coolest cold emails for you.

Want to write cold emails at scale? Import & export CSVs on the fly!

Writecream can also generate blog posts, Facebook & Google ad copies, Landing Page Content, Product Descriptions, and even your next Angel Pitch email for angel funding!

There are 30+ tools to choose from for an effective cold outreach & marketing campaign!

The Verdict: What is the top speedwrite alternative?

There are many amazing alternatives out there. However, I recommend Jasper.

While not perfect, Jasper is easy to use, being that it has extensions for Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Plus, there is a free plan, and even the paid plans are very affordable.

I particularly liked the tone of voice feature, which made it easy to incorporate content from the web while rewriting it first. All in all, Jasper is one of the quickest ways to get started with rewriting content without emptying your wallet.