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Jasper AI Review

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Jasper AI Review Quick Links

Jasper AI is an advanced A.I technology that helps content creators increase conversions through generating unique text-based content on their website and creating a better user experience. This review covers the basics of what Jasper AI can do for you, how much it costs, and the promotions available to purchase with your membership.

This copywriting software will help any user create more engaging content that will consequently generate better leads and turn visitors into customers. There are also a number of bonuses offered with Jasper AI, such as free lifetime updates on your membership, access to the best copywriter in the industry for one-on-one help, and more!

How Does Jasper ai Work?

Jasper review

Jasper is a personal assistant that fills in the blanks for you and optimizes your content to convert visitors into customers. When using Jasper, you can select from any of the content templates or create your own based on specific goals such as SEO optimization, lead generation, customer lifetime value maximization.

The most common type of template used are success stories because they generate high quality leads by telling compelling tales about how other people have achieved their dreams with Jasper AI’s help (or failed without it). The customer reviews\product descriptions make sale pages more persuasive so conversion rates go up.

My favorite feature of Jasper AI is its ability to maximize profits through smart writing! No matter what goal I’m trying to achieve with my copy, it’s always easy to get the best possible results with Jasper AI!

The templates that come included in this conversion optimization software are really helpful. I can use them as is or tweak their content a bit for my specific needs which saves me so much time and effort since they’re pretty detailed already.

Of course, you do need some basics skills to take advantage of these benefits but anyone who knows how to write will be able to make Jasper work wonders on their site very quickly!

Jasper Free Training

Below I’ve created a playlist covering each one of the topics below for using Jasper and copywriting together. You can see the playlist on Youtube here.

  • How to create descriptions with Jasper
  • How to get better at copywriting
  • How to come up with blog post ideas
  • How to create engaging Facebook Ad Headlines
  • How to create engaging Google Ad Headlines
  • How to write better blogs fast
  • How to create instagram photo captions
  • How to come up with video topics easily
  • How to write better email subject lines for email marketing
  • How to create better Youtube titles fast
  • How to earn money with Jasper AI
  • How to create a blog in less than 60 seconds
  • How to create a Linkedin Bio
  • My 5 Hacks After 20 Days Of Using It
  • My Thoughts After Using It For 10 Days
  • Latest Features and News [MUST WATCH]
  • How to write a blog post for beginners
  • 30 Day Challenge [STARTS HERE]

Jasper AI Pricing


What Jasper AI offers comes at an affordable price point which starts from $29 per month and for a limited time $99/per month for the pro plan.

The basic plan of Jasper starts at $27/pm which gives you 20,000 credits and access to all templates apart from the long form editor.

The pro plan of Jasper AKA Jasper 2.0 starts from $97/pm which gives you unlimited credits and access to the long form editor.

Important: the $97/pm is a limited time offer and will be changing shortly.

They also offer a free 5 day trial for those of you who want to try before you buy. Click here to grab your free 10,000 free credits for Jasper.

My Conclusion:

My conclusion of this a.i copywriting tool is that it’s a fantastic investment and is very useful. If you’re interested in the long form editor, I would recommend the pro plan for sure!

I’ve found Jasper uses an almost perfect balance of copywriting advice, templates and tools to make you a copywriting genius in no time at all!

I’ve also found Jasper to be a great way for people on any budget to learn the basics of copywriting and make themselves more valuable in their line of work. The templates also give you some basic content ideas which will help with creating your own marketing pieces. I would recommend it as an investment even though there are cheaper alternatives out there!

The pro plan is worth the money if you’re looking into using long form editors and unlimited credits for all campaigns that aren’t covered by other paid tools.

It’s affordable, easy to use and has a great facebook community where they offer advice on how to do better at copywriting!

Oh, and did I forget this entire review was created inside Jasper?

I hope my Jasper review was helpful to you. Let me know below what your thoughts are on the tool!