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SiteGuru Review

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We all know that having a great website is critical to a company’s success. Most businesses invest a significant amount of time and money ensuring that their site has a striking design and compelling call-to-action.

This is alright; however, it won’t help you much if you aren’t on top of your technical SEO.

Often, organizations are completely unaware of the technical website SEO difficulties that cost them, clients. This is why SiteGuru comes in to save the day.

What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is an intelligent SEO auditing and monitoring application that crawls websites automatically to look for usability and SEO concerns. Broken links, missing headers and image alt tags, sluggish pages, duplicate content, indexing issues, internal redirection, and more are all detected by the platform.

SiteGuru assists businesses in identifying and inspecting a variety of SEO issues that may be preventing them from gaining more customers and earnings. It is appropriate for companies of all sizes and industries, and it offers the most value to SEO specialists. Thanks to various pricing packages, this is a perfect alternative for all enterprises, regardless of their budget.

How Do You Use SiteGuru?

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or an SEO expert to conduct an audit. SiteGuru runs an audit every week and will give you all the tips and pointers for you to help maximize your traffic by telling you what you need to improve, where links are broken, and what needs to be improved. It gives you a prioritized SEO to-do list.

  • Add your site by logging in to SiteGuru and clicking on the Add Website button at the top right.
  • You can add the required URL details on the pop-up.
  • If you want your page speed checked, go to the Analytics option in Settings and click on ‘Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders’.
  • If not, start the crawl after adding the site to your account.
  • You can remove specific folders from the crawl process if you want.
  • You can specify which day and time you want the crawl to occur.


SiteGuru Features

Following are features of SiteGuru:


SEO Audit Aimed at Broken Links

This SEO audit tool can help you find those 404 error messages on your website, as well as other SEO issues, and point you in the right direction for fixing them. SiteGuru analyses both www. and non-www URLs to assist you in getting rid of error codes. SiteGuru also suggests meta descriptions and page titles.

Content Management

This tool helps you check how your content is performing across other platforms, including allowing you to connect with the websites that your competitors also reach out to.

Checking Page

SiteGuru’s page performance checker is also essential since it scans all parts of your pages, including page titles, meta descriptions, page speed, headings, labels, and alt tags, to ensure that everything functions properly.

Google Analytics Check

SiteGuru checks your Google analytics setup automatically and helps you in fixing it.


SiteGuru lets you check your SEO metrics and ranking to improve your SEO goals.

SiteGuru Cons

  • Details are limited.
  • No off-page analysis is present yet.
  • Preparing audits is not as efficient.

SiteGuru Pros

  • Affordable deals even for low-budget people.
  • Effective in digging deep for problems.
  • Easy procedure of usage.


SiteGuru Pricing

SiteGuru keeps it easily affordable with three price deals.

Starter – $29

Medium – $49

Agency – $149

All these deals include the following features:

  • Friendly Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • Connect to Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • CVS and Word exports
  • At least 2500 pages

SiteGuru Conclusion

SiteGuru is the leading online SEO analytics tool that various software review sites have recognized. This is unbeatable, with a maximum number of people rating it five stars.