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Quick Start Website Guide

If you want to truly benefit using this step by step guide I strongly recommend taking action on every step I mention. Do not move onto a next section until you’ve done what I’ve said below. 

Build Your Website Quick Start

Sometimes you just want to start and forget about the techy jargon that goes with building a site.

I do recommend having a read of my indepth website building training found here BUT if you just want to get started here is what you should do.

Watch each video and follow along.

By the end of this blog you will be able to setup a domain and hosting and be able to create webstites/blogs at the click of your fingers.

STEP 1 – Get your hosting and Domain Sorted

>> Buy Your Discounted Domain and Hosting Here <<

STEP 2 – Install WordPress After Hosting Purchase

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STEP 3 – Basic WordPress Setup

STEP 4 – WordPress Plugins

>> Download Elementor Here <<

STEP 5 – WordPress Themes

STEP 6 – WordPress Pages and Posts

STEP 7 – Structure Your WordPress Website Like This

STEP 8 – Introduction to Elementor

>> Download Elementor Here <<

STEP 9 – Elementors Interface

STEP 10 – Using Elementors Widgets

STEP 11 – Using Elementor Pro

>> Download Elementor Here <<

STEP 12 – Using Elementor Sections

STEP 13 – Upgrading to Elementor Pro

>> Download Elementor Here <<

STEP 14 – Responsive and Mobile Friendly

STEP 15 – Elementors Templates and Conditions Walkthrough