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<span class="biomm">By</span> Marty Englander
By Marty Englander

Make Money With Facebook Groups

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of products spoken about.

In this blog, I reveal my blueprints on how I make money with Facebook groups.

What you should take away from this Facebook Group blog post:
– Segment your audiences
– Provide what your audience wants
– Stay consistent
– Increase your Facebook group engagement, and the money will flow later

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Owning a large Facebook group can be time-consuming and often frustrating especially when you have tried several ways to generate an income from it.

People are often far too aggressive when trying to get money from members and most the time, a more subtle and “team spirit” approach should be used.

Your Facebook group members need to understand that as a Facebook group admin, you also have a life outside the group and you need to make a living. If people expect you to provide quality and deal with requests than why is it unreasonable for the Facebook group admin to expect something in return?

In this Facebook group blog, I talk about

  • How you can manage your Facebook group
  • How you can earn a semi-passive income stream from your Facebook group.

If you’re more a visual learner, please watch the video above as I go through everything.

Before I start going into detail, I promised I’d share the tools I use to make earning from your Facebook group a reality.

Website Builder Tools

Affiliate Platforms

Note: If you would like to charge your members without the hassle of setting everything up. I’m happy to set up a JV with you. Please email for more information on how we can work together.

Managing your Facebook Group

Make Money With Facebook Groups

If you want to make money with Facebook groups, the first step is management.

Managing a Facebook group does not need to be difficult. You do need to be consistent through so things to build up and then it becomes a problem.

If you allow everyone and anyone in your group, then Facebook will send anyone and everyone to your group. Before you know it, your group has been destroyed so from today, ask yourself – who do you want in your group and only accept those types of people. Sooner or later Facebook will see a pattern and Facebook will start sending the sorts you want.

Remember, Facebook is continuously tracking your everymove, every activity because they want to learn everything about you so they can keep you on Facebook. If they know what you do, like and accept, it makes it easier to display content that will keep you on Facebook longer. Use this to your advantage and train Facebook “what you like” and “what you don’t”. Understand?

Accepting members into your Facebook Group

I think it goes without saying that to make money with Facebook groups you need members!

When I manage my Facebook group I always accept people with the following information:

– Normal Name (weird characters or symbols is still a hard no for me)
– Account creation before 2018
– Location is target market (if your target market is UK based and you have US people trying to join, your audience becomes discombobulated.)

Anyone request to join the Facebook group without ticking the above is a hard no.

Segmenting your Facebook Group members

You want to try and divide your Facebook group members so you can show activity in your group.

For my group, I divide Individuals and business owners this really is the easiest and simple way to make money with Facebook groups.

I realised I needed the individual members to show they are active in the Facebook group so the business members will see value in becoming a paid contributor.

The first step was muting all non-business contributors so the individuals can start rising with their posts and businesses can start seeing the activity and potential value. Facebook groups have a great little feature where if you right click on the top right of a post in the Facebook group you should see an option saying “pre-approve all future posts from this person”. This will put all the posts from that business into pending so no one can see it. Merely repeat the step to allow the posts again.

Increase Facebook Group Engagement

For individual members, you want to create fun posts, so anything which challenges someone’s ego is always a good move.

– Brainteaser quizzes
– Name the animal meme
– Post your cute dog in the comments

anything on these lines will get your engagement going.

For businesses posts like
– post your business below (free advertising)

this is a great way to see the number of businesses and can also help you mute the company as well until they become a contributor.

How to make money in your Facebook Group

Facebook group memberships

If you want to make a reoccurring income through your facebook group than memberships is the way to go.

1) Setup your membership site using the tools I listed above.
2) Create your contributor packages
3) Connect a payment gateway like stripe or Paypal

Start posting your ads in the group below. If you would like to receive my personal scripts to display in your own Facebook group, please enter your email below, and I will send you the download link via email.



Facebook group advertising space

The Facebook group cover area is a great area to get higher fees for less work. Create a banner image offering advertising space.

When someone messages you charge £50 for seven days or a nice discount when they pay for a few months in advance. They need to provide you with the cover image – once done upload and set an alert on your phone to take it down when the date comes.

Facebook group Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most passive method of generating an income with Facebook Group and requires the least amount of work.

Visit the affiliate platform I listed at the top of the blog. Signup and become a member (its free). Select an offer, something like “£500 Amazon Giveaway”. Generate your URL from the affiliate platform. Post on Facebook and pin it to your Facebook page. Leave it for a few weeks and if nothing is generated from the offer, find a new offer and redo.

Did you find this Facebook Group blog helpful?
Leave a comment below and let me know. Would you like me to discuss anything else next?