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Systeme Review

The author’s views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of products spoken about.

Systeme Review Quick Links

What is

Systeme is an all-in-one marketing platform allowing anyone with little tech knowledge to create high converting funnels and automation systems to increase leads, sales and, cash flow. 

Here are some of the exciting features Systeme has unleashed!

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  • Drag and Drop Sales Funnels
  • Email List Creation
  • Unlimited Email Sendings
  • Create a Full-Blown SEO Blog
  • Create Your Own Affiliate Program
  • Automate Your Entire Business

Anything from Sales Funnels to Membership Sites is a click away with

This would be an excellent tool for anyone who is looking to:

Sell info products

    • Build email lists
    • Create an online course
    • integrate stripe and PayPal to take payments
    • Create as many upsells/downsells as you need

Selling Coaching and General Services

    • Build email lists
    • Sell coaching or service using a single payment, play payment or a subscription service.
    • Create as many upsells/downsells as you need


    • Create unlimited sales pages
    • Sell products with Stripe and Paypal
    • Add as many upsells/downsells as you need
    • Automate your order process with Zapier

Sell Saas Apps

    • Build as many landing pages as you can to test your ideas
    • Build large lists of potential buyers
    • Sell subscriptions to your app with the Stripe and Paypal Integrations
    • Add as many upsells/downsells as you need

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Generally speaking, has huge potential to become better if it’s not already over ClickFunnels. 

They’ve got a similar interface to ClickFunnels and is a fraction of the price. 

I believe will be a game-changer in the all in one marketing platform industry and will most likely become ClickFunnels biggest competition overtaking Builderall and Leadpages.

I’m going to give a win to for the fact it’s basically the same as ClickFunnels at a fraction of the price. 

Give Systeme some time, and they will change the market. 

Systeme Dashboard And Affiliate Dashboard Overview

Systeme keeps everything simple and concise when it comes to the dashboards.
Watch my video going through the dashboards.

Systeme General Dashboard

The purpose of the Systeme dashboard is to show you a snapshot of any new leads or payments which have come into your account in the past 31 days.

Think of it as a convenient snapshot in a centralised area.

systeme snapshot

In the Systeme Dashboard, you are able to clearly see live updates which present you with who your most recent leads are and most recent payments.
It shows the date and time and which funnel they have come from.

systeme live updates

You can also filter the systeme dashboard by selecting the date dropdown.
When you change the date, it will show the amount of leads and payments during that time frame.

systeme filter

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Systeme Affiliate Dashboard

Systeme provides a killer affiliate system for affiliates to earn an enormous income. Just like click funnels and builderall, the affiliate system is a tier system.

This means any affiliate or customer you bring into the system, and they generate a customer or affiliate for the system you will earn a fixed lifetime % of the fee they pay!

In terms of affiliate marketing – this is the holy grail.

On Systemes affiliate dashboard, you will find the following information:

  • The amount of leads sent
  • Your lifetime earnings as an affiliate
  • A earnings snapshot
  • An earnings date filter

systeme arrows

You will find your unique affiliate link as well as:

  • The number of trial users you’ve generated
  • The number of customers you’ve generated
  • Your conversion rate
  • Your retention rate
  • Any other affiliate links they provide you with

systeme descrption

Below the above section of the systeme affiliate dashboard, you will also find three boxes displaying:

  • Payments received
  • Leads joined by which funnels you created
  • Invoices

Above each box, you will see a filtering option to access the information you need quickly.

systeme affiliate links

Systeme Contacts And Tags Explained

In the video below, I will be discussing the contacts and Tags section provide us with.

I’m sure anyone in business will agree with the following sentence: You do not have a strong business without a database.

If you’re not in business than what you’re about to read is a crucial aspect of this blog.

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Systeme Contacts Explained

We spend so much time and effort looking for customers that we forget these customers might and likely will be interested in our other products.

Imagine creating a business, and you forget to collect primary contact information of your customers like:
– Emails
– Phone Numbers
– Names
– Where they found your service/product

Systeme Review 1

Can you imagine?
Without this information, you are losing out on hundreds/thousands/tens of thousands of pounds of business!

Systeme Review 2

If a customer likes you and they have had a good experience with you, why wouldn’t they rebuy your product or another related product?!

This is where the importance of contacts in Systeme comes into play.

Systeme has fully understood the importance of making sure their customers can collect and maintain a well-structured database.

If you have the most basic of information mentioned above for your customers, that means you can create automated campaigns promoting your other services.

You can create campaign types only retargeting leads/customers generated from a specific landing page or campaign you’ve previously created.

This keeps everything super focused for you and your business.

Systeme Tags Explained

Being organised is an important aspect of business.

It does not matter what industry you’re in and how big your business is. If you do not have structure, you’re building everything on quicksand.

How do I know this? Well, my father is an accountant who has been in business for over 30 years and has one of the largest accountancy practices in the United Kingdom. He specialised in small/medium-sized businesses, and he has been lecturing me on this stuff since I started learning how to use the toilet by myself! LOL.

Check out his accountancy website and his personal blog here.

To emphasise this point.
Make sure you have structured, and well-organised information in front of you will allow you to see patterns in your business. Ensure your clients are always paying on time and keeps you out of trouble by the police, HMRC and clients.

How does this fit in with

Systeme offers a fantastic feature called “Tags”.

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Systeme Review 3

It’s an effortless but super handy feature that allows you to place keywords like “Leads”, “Customers”, “Found on Facebook”, “Found On Google” etc… onto leads or customers that enter your system.

Systeme Review 4

You can click/filter your leads by whatever keyword you specify, which in turns shows you focused information. – What Is A Funnel?

One of the biggest appeals on is the funnel builder. A simple module-based drag and drop funnel builder that can be picked up by anyone at any tech level.

Now in the next section, we will be discussing the systeme funnel builder basics – but here I want to make sure you fully understand what a funnel is.

Here is a video of me explaining what a funnel is. Funnel Builder Basics

Systeme provides customers with probably, in my opinion, one of the most user-friendly drag and drop funnel builders on the market.

I don’t believe you need to be anywhere close to an expert when it comes to building converting funnels with Systeme.
All you need is to log into Systeme and understand one thing; click and drag.

Here is a video of me using the systeme funnel builder

Here is another video of me using the premade-templates this software provides and how I build a funnel in less than three minutes.

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I will be releasing more video walkthroughs of so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel here to be alerted when they are released. 

Here is what is coming over the next 8 days! Emails, Campaigns, And Newsletter Explained

In this video, I will be walking through the importance of the emails, campaigns and newsletter features provided by systeme.

Systeme Emails

Systeme emails allow you to create normal emails and send them to your leads/customers.

This is hugely helpful because it allows you to store templates, pre-written scripts and means you can centralise all your email sendings.

Systeme’s email system allows you to track your email sendings and if your leads are:

  • Click your links
  • Opening your emails
  • How many times they open
  • Reporting spam
  • If they are bouncing

and much more.

Systeme Review 5

Systeme Campaigns

Systeme offers a feature called campaigns. Instead of explaining, I will give you an example of how this is used.

Let’s say you want to promote your business via facebook. In systeme, you will create a campaign and call it “Facebook Lead Gen V1”.

You would then click on the campaign, and it will allow you to create a series of emails and triggers.

A trigger is a term meaning if the lead does X then my systeme does X.

Systeme Review 6

Let’s say you generate leads through this Facebook lead campaign. You have created ten emails in your campaign. Each email will be sent out automatically every day or day after or if the lead has done a specific action such as opening your email.

With this sort of power at your fingertips, you can automate your whole follow up process for your business, giving you a ton of time to focus on generating more sales and a stronger business.

Systeme Newsletter Feature

Systeme’s newsletter feature allows you to simply create newsletters showcasing new services you’re providing, flash sales, or general information about you and your business.

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch (KIT) with your leads, subscribers and customers, so you keep your branding going and increase sales.

Systeme Review 7

Click here for a free 14 Day Free Trial For Automating Your Funnels

One of the most significant advantages of using online tools like Systeme is the ability to automate your follow-ups and next step actions. Watch the video below to see a walkthrough or keep reading for examples.

As a business owner, we have so much to worry about… We have staff, finances, lead generation, legal, bookkeeping, sales, clients, customer service and the list goes on!

How do we ever find the time to do anything? Anything we want to do like… Spend our hard earnings or spend time with our loved ones.

Thanks to the workflow feature Systeme provide us with, we can automate a huge amount of actions we would typically need to do manually.

Systeme software allows us to automate what happens when a lead comes into our system.

Here is an example:

  1. We are running a Twitter campaign – here is what it looks like.
  2. We create a twitter funnel/landing page/website
  3. We promote it ONLY on Twitter
  4. Anyone who enters there information on this page will go into our system.

So, now we have the lead in the system; what are we going to do next?

Usually, we would send them an email and hope they read it.
We would usually have to sit down and write an email and then remind ourselves to email them again and again and again until we give up or they get back to us.

It’s time-consuming, and the more leads you have in the system, the more time you are going to spend chasing leads.

Here is how Systeme can automate this process for us. Let’s recreate the above campaign with the automate systeme process:

  1. We create a twitter funnel/landing page/website
  2. We promote it ONLY on Twitter
  3. Anyone who enters there information on this page will go into our system.
  4. We create follow up emails and attach it to the campaign.
  5. We create a workflow telling Systeme if a lead “opens” our email send next step email. If lead does “not” open the email, send the same email with the different subject line.

How simple is that?

Now, that’s just super basic. You can create all different types of workflows which can do anything automating the moving leads to a new campaign if they visit a certain page on your website to sending new emails if they click a link in your email.

The opportunities are endless.

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I will be releasing more video walkthroughs of so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel here to be alerted when they are released. – How To Create A Membership Funnel

We are going to conclude this walkthrough blog with the most exciting feature, Memberships.

This is where systeme users can drastically increase earning potential by utilising the built-in membership/course features with the payment integrations.

The way it works is simple.

1) Create a course or product
2) Create a funnel with the object as sales
3) Place your pricing
4) Save

and you’re done.

The beauty of Systemes membership and subscription software is the ability to truly centralise your whole online marketing, your entire online business on the platform.

You can set up a drop content which means slowly unlocking/sending new content to people who have purchased or allow customers to see everything at once.