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Content Marketing
Absolute beast at this.. 99.99%
Web Design
Not cocky.. Just confident 70%
Email Marketing
You cant call yourself a marketer without this skill 98%


Working With Me

Due to the nature of my business and my brand I need to ensure working with companies will not abuse my brand, below you will find the conditions if you would like to partner with me.

Being a micro-influencer means my word and my digital assets are vital to the success of my uploads, ensuring I please not only the customers and viewers but also the search engines are a major factor to the ongoing success of my assets.

Marty Englander

Looking forward to working with you! Thank you for your time.


Are you looking for a tech influencer with knowledge of digital marketing, general business, data analysis, and a strong listening buyer intent audience?

Hello, my name is 007.. Oops that’s bedroom talk. You can call me Marty or if you want to be formal, Mr Englander is suffice.

I’ve worked in the shadows of large organisations to some of the largest websites in the world.

After retiring from my digital agency I decided to become a micro-influencer which is someone who focuses on building small but boiling hot audiences who hang on to my every word. (we are much more profitable than general influencers with massive followings as a micro-influencers typical conversion rate is around 50%+)

I enjoy the world of tech and decided reviewing and talking about the best saas products on the market is the way forward for me.

Currently 28 years old and I’ve been in business since I was 19 all in the creative world. Now with a thriving focused Youtube account(s) and a new found passion, TikTok Im offering my platforms and audiences to respectful companies so they have the opportunity to extend their client base.


When Im not being so awesome at life I shift my focus to working and spend most my days connecting with like minded people online, learning new never seen marketing methods to promote products and walking my dog.

Unlike many other “gurus” i walk the walk and prefer not to talk.

What I know has not been learnt from expensive courses or free youtube videos, nor has it been taken from random “gurus” on facebook posts.

I’ve spent 14+ hours per day for 6+ years testing every method known to man, every white hat, grey hat, and black hat method to growth hack online.

I’ve failed more times than I can count and came out on top.

Now, things are pretty easy. Im hard wired into this world. I dream about marketing, SEO, Youtube, TikTok and growth hacking.

I just love this world.

It’s almost impossible to provide a fixed quote due to the nature of growth of ones viewerships, subscribers and digital assets.

My assets are growing everyday which means the results and exposure I can offer changes everyday.

As it stands I offer two promtion types across my digital assets:

YouTube Pricing
  • £50.00 per 1000 followers
  • My YouTube Channel = (click here) Followers
  • Video Duration: Up-to 10 Minutes
  • Audience: Small and Medium Sized Business Owners. Affiliate Marketers. Digital Agencies.
  • Notes: This video will also be sent to my double opted in email list of 3000+ buyer intent, hot leads and shared inside my Facebook group of 300+ members.
  • £25.00 per 3000 followers
  • My TikTok Channel = (Click Here) Followers
  • Duration: Up-to 20 seconds
  • Audience: Software buyers, affiliate marketers, small and medium sized business owners.
Additional Charges
  • Due to the nature of my online assets any videos requested to be taken down by the customer (you) will be required to pay a £1000.00 compensation.
  • Any amendments to the titles, descriptions, thumbnails after uploaded will be invoiced at a set fee of £50.00per edit.

After you have completed payment above please email “hello @” referencing the email you used above to pay AND the following:

  • Account access for the review
  • Any specifics you want extra attention to
  • Any information which can help with the review
  • You may use the video(s) for advertising without modification from my initial upload.
  • If you wish to edit the video you are required to receive my written consent prior.
  • A review is an unbiased video meaning the customer (you) will have no input in the thought process, editing, or message communicated inside the video. The customer can suggest certain features to be covered and other features not to be covered.
  • I do not guarantee sales, leads, or clicks. I do guarantee Exposure.
  • By purchasing my services you agree to my terms unless stated differently via writing.
  • Payment is to be paid in full prior starting the job.
  • Complimentary access to the entire software you wish for me to review.
  • The video will be uploaded without approval by the customer (you) and the URL’s of the video will be sent via email.
  • Video time may extend beyond 10+ depending on how much information and USP’s need to be communicated.

No communication via telephone, skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. Only written communication via email.