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Writesonic Review

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If you’re a writer who needs to deliver a lot of text in a short amount of time, you’ll need to invest in some smart internet tools to help you.

Artificial intelligence is now being utilized to assist authors in various fields complete their work more quickly. Whether you’re writing social copy, web copy, a whole piece, or adverts, you’ll need to be creative.

Writesonic is a platform that can provide you with immediate online help. Let’s look further into this article to learn more about this A.I. tool. 

What is Writesonic? 

Writesonic is a content marketing platform that provides businesses with a suite of AI-assisted writing tools to help them generate better marketing copy.

Writesonic is the best tool to assist with anything from Google to Facebook advertisements to landing pages, product descriptions, and blog entries. Writesonic also helps businesses generate ideas for various themes, including startup or growth hacks and titles for YouTube videos.

Writesonic can step in and help you come up with new ideas and organize the ones you already have.

How Do you Use Writesonic? 

You can use Writesonic with the following three simple steps.

  •  After selecting a template, you may immediately begin typing in your initial concept.
  •  The A.I. algorithm then creates an outline based on your ideas or a broad short description. After this method, you can have the software generate a complete copy for you.
  •  If you don’t like the first copy, tap the regenerate button again and again until you discover something you want.

You may also use the tool to alter the copy before launching or downloading it. Say goodbye to long, interminable walls of text, no matter how long your piece of content is.

Writesonic Features

Following are the features of Writesonic:

Website Copy

Create landing pages, headers, and SEO meta descriptions with this functionality.

Digital Ads Copy

Add copy for LinkedIn advertising, Google ads, and Facebook ads may be found in this section. Users will be able to create copy for Twitter and Instagram advertising shortly.

Article/Blog Copy

The A.I. article writer is a quick and easy approach to blog topics, intros, and outlines. You can also rewrite or add to already written material. The content rewriter will generate three different tones from previously written pieces. A readability score and grammar correction are also included in this function.

eCommerce Copy

Are you interested in promoting or blogging about your products on Amazon? The E-commerce Copy function was created with you in mind. Writesonic can create product titles, descriptions, features, and sponsored adverts in this section. In addition to the preceding, this tool will aid you in creating sales emails.

Copywriting Formulas

Rest assured that the A.I. will initiate traditional copywriting formulas if you conduct formal copywriting or more journalistic articles. You can use the A.I. tool to generate a copy written in the AIDA or the Pain-Agitate-Solution model while you’re writing.

Writesonic Cons 

  •  There are a few errors in the blog’s text. Some things still need to be changed or fixed.
  •  Several suggestions were missing.

Writesonic Pros 

  •  The overall A.I. experience is outstanding. The output content is of exceptional quality.
  •  Writesonic can help you write material more quickly and efficiently. In a matter of seconds, the A.I. will generate great titles or content.
  •  It’s quick and precise. You can buy credits or a monthly subscription on the fly.

Writesonic Pricing 

Writesonic brings more to the table than any other A.I. table with its four monthly purchasable plans. 

Basic Plan – $15

Professional Plan – $45

Startup Plan – $95

Agency Plan – $195

Writesonic Conclusion 

Whether you’re a freelance writer or work for a company, you’ll appreciate how much effort and time goes into each piece. As a result, having Writesonic available to freelancers and businesses is beneficial.