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Peppertype Review

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In this Peppertype review I’ll be sharing the good, bad, and never seen before facts about this tool!


Peppertype is a virtual content and copywriting assistant driven by Artificial Intelligence that is the perfect match for content writers and freelancers. It uses AI-powered technologies to help users create endless content and unlimited ideas.

Peppertype can develop material for all types of content and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can either use Peppertype’s 35+ pre-built templates or choose from several crafted pieces of material. With Peppertype’s intelligent tools and features, you can produce blog ideas, SEO-optimized articles, Social Media captions, exciting tweets, Facebook ad copy, online product descriptions, and product reviews.

Start-ups, social media marketing teams, content writers, marketing agencies, and SEO professionals are the ideal users for Peppertype. It helps creators overcome writer’s block, create original and compelling material, improve content efficiency, and optimize their SEO.


Using Peppertype is not rocket science. To use Peppertypes unlimited features, you have to choose from a template that suits what type of content you want to generate. For example, suppose you are looking to create a blog outline. In that case, all you have to do is choose from the ‘Blog Outline’ template and mention the product/brand name, including a description of your blog topic, and then wait for it to be created from the details you provide.

It’s an easy task that requires you to do the bare minimum. Other templates include additional advanced options like keywords, audience, occasion, etc.


Following are the features of Peppertype:

  • Smart filters are present to ensure no grammar mistakes or plagiarism in your content. They keep your content relevant enough to work well with search engines’ algorithms.
  • Depending on your featured keywords and other parameters, you can sort and highlight every output.
  • The extensive range of templates is one of the primary key features of this content generator.
  • It has a wide range of synonyms and antonyms to help users create content. This is a feature not found in any other AI copywriter.
  • Has workspaces for you to share your work with your teammates.
  • It has impeccable sentence formatting to ensure your sentences do not sound too repetitive or monotonous.
  • The editor enables the user to change the font and even add break lines.


  • A lot of funding and experience in content marketing
  • The GPT framework has a lot of built-in features
  • Impressive public roadmap
  • Unlimited copies with paid plans


  • It does not have a long-form editor
  • The tone of voice functionality is lacking
  • Limited input text length


Peppertype offers its users three packages to choose from according to their needs. After the trial period ends, these plans allow you to generate 10,000 words of content, and they are billed yearly, helping you save 20%. The plans Peppertype offers are:

  • Starter Plan – $25/month
  • Growth Plan – $165/month
  • Enterprise Plan – This is a custom plan, and you can contact customer support for further details.


Peppertype is a new and improved tool that can quickly help users create content fast and efficiently. Impress your clients with the speed of your ideas. Try Peppertype now!