How to make money as an affiliate marketer

The affiliate marketing world and making money by affiliate marketing is really no different to any sort of business, which is all ultimately, offering a solution to someone who’s got a problem.

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Now the problem when it comes to affiliate marketing is you get all these online affiliate marketing gurus who are manipulating, the reality of what affiliate marketing actually is.

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Now, we can go into loads of detail and what’s not, but I want to create a really focused answer because I have tons of resources on my blog, and on my YouTube channel talking all about softwares and stuff like that, which will help you.

And you can even use some of the stuff that I’m presenting on my YouTube channel and actually become an affiliate of them. But ultimately, if you’re really that curious about how to make money by affiliate marketing, well here’s 5 absolute musts before you even start touching affiliate marketing.

#1 You Need A Niche! No Niche, NO MONEY.

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So number one, you need to discover what your niche is and your niche can be in any sort of industry or market like wealth, health, relationships, etc…

So that is ultimately the niche.

Choose one of those niches that you want to go in.


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Then you need to go into the sub-niche.

So if you’re going to go into the fitness niche or the health niche, you’re going to then go into the fitness niche and then you need to get more targeted in the fitness niche.

So you can cover, just how to get healthy on a water diet or on a vegetable diet or something like them. I’m not in the health niche, but you need to get really focused and you need to discover what your sub-niche is because there is a massive, massive amount of people in almost every single niche.

So you need to discover what your unique selling point is and you need to become really good at it. just like a business or has a, I don’t know if you ever watch Gordon Ramsey, but Gordon Ramsey goes into kitchens, in America which are failing. And he says, well, what’s that one dish that you’re known for?

And that’s the same idea when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer is that you’ve got to know what your, your niche is and your sub-niche.

And then only then once you’ve discovered what your niche and sub-niche is, you then it needs to learn about who your target market is.

#3 Why Are They Struggling?

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What’s their pain points, what are they struggling with? What are they always asking? What do they suffer with? What’s creating that emotional upset within your niche for them?

Then you provide them with the solution to that, which is ultimately all about, did the product that you’re promoting, but how that’s going to provide the solution to their problems. Because if it’s not going to emotionally connect with them and provide that solution for their problems, why would they give you that money?

It doesn’t make sense.

So you need to make sure you know your niche, your sub-niche, and then you need to understand the pain points and the solutions for your target market.

#4 Wax On, Wax Off

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Then what most people do is they may discover their niche. They may discover that sub niche, but then they do some a little bit of research and after a week or a few days or month or whatever, they actually give up and they move on to a different product because that one’s not working for them.

But the reality of it is that you’re always right around the corner, but if you stop, you’re not going to get anything.

So keeping at it and building up by authority and doing things, that is probably the one of the biggest keys so you can make him money as an affiliate marketer.

#5 It Aint What You Have Heard… Sorry #notsorry

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Now let’s move on to tip five which is really you need to understand the fundamental which is affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme.

It’s a legit business that unfortunately a lot of get rich quick guru is our pitching.

Okay. It’s not true.

You don’t go into affiliate marketing to get rich quick because there is a ton of things that you need to understand. Which isn’t actually predominantly about affiliate marketing is about people.


Like in any industry, you’re not in a product game. You’re in the people game as a matter of convincing people to do it your way and not someone else’s way.

BONUS TIP – Buckle in, Its gonna be a journey.

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So I think I’m going to give you a bonus tip, which is probably the strongest advice. And if someone sat me down and said to me, Marty, stop what you’re doing. This is what you need to do.

I’m going to say:

Simply forget about earning money and focus everything you have on providing so much outstanding value to your target market that they start following you.

And one of the best ways to do that is by blogging.

Now, if you’ve never created a blog before, I, all you need to do is go to Marty Englander – The DIY Virtual How To Guy… And I guide you step by step in text AND video, and I hold your hand all the way down the line showing you exactly how you do that.

There’s no upsells. I don’t ask for your email, I don’t ask for any of your information.

It’s literally right there for you in a really simplified way. And you can, if you are focused, you can get going within an hour.

Okay, so take these tips on boards, forget about finding the best affiliate products and stuff like that, because the reality of it is that it’s not the affiliate product, it’s you, the individual, and how you present the affiliate product to your target market.

Notes: this was an answer I created on Quora in response to the question “How do I make money by affiliate marketing

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