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Localio Review

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Not everyone can write content that sells quickly. It takes years of practice until you develop the skills it takes to convert readers into solid leads. And let’s be honest, the prospect of hiring a 5-star copywriter for the job is not precisely suitable unless you plan to break the bank.

As someone who owns an agency, you would know that when you work with small businesses, there is a lot of copywriting that goes into offering services like SEO, Facebook Ads, GMB Optimization, Youtube Marketing, and others. 

This outrageous amount of work is precisely why a tool like Localio exists. This post will jolt down why Localio is perfect for your agency’s copywriting needs. 

What is Localio?

Localio is an A.I. copywriting tool for marketers and digital agencies that provides conversion-focused text content. It can effortlessly develop sales-driving copy for business websites in over 120 languages in under 30 seconds. It offers plenty of capabilities, including the ability to create voice search, optimized content, radio ad scripts, high-converting headlines and sub-headlines, and special holiday offers.

It quickly creates sales-driven content for business websites, Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other platforms.

How Do You Use Localio?

You can work on Localio in three simple steps to generate your content.

  •       First of all, you need to choose from 50 copywriting templates
  •       Enter your business or product name with a short description to get the engine started
  •       Click A.I. Generate and watch as you get the best copywriting content for any industry 

Localio Features

Following are the features of Localio:

A.I. Implementation Blueprint 

For small business owners and digital agencies, Localio offers an A.I. implementation blueprint. This tool aids you in maximizing the benefits of Localio’s artificial intelligence technology.

Multiple Tone of Voice 

You may choose from over 20 different tones of voice for your content using Localio, allowing you to produce marketing materials that are both persuasive and consistent with your brand.

Cloud-Based App

Localio is a web-based application. This means it can be used on any device or computer with access to the internet.

Projects Management 

Localio has project management tools built in to assist you in managing several content campaigns at once. This includes setting and managing deadlines and engaging with team members.

The Library System 

It’s a built-in system that saves and organizes all of your work in the privacy of your library, making it available at any time.

Localio Cons

  •       There is no long-form content 
  •       Sometimes Localio shows repeated content 

Localio Pros

  •       Create content with more than 50 high-converting content templates.
  •       It can be used in any country, location, or domain.
  •       Create content for you and your customers on the go. It can be used in any niche or field.
  •       It’s simple to use. Prior knowledge is not required. 

Localio Pricing 

Localio features two pricing packages with a discount and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The Starter Pack is just $38.50 

The Advanced Pack is just $48.50 

Localio Conclusion

Establishing your business along with writing content does not come easy to anyone. This is why Localio is the only tool you should depend on.